Why are some people seeking to remove the monarchy?


As a functioning democracy, it is, or course, the right of any individual to speak on and promote a republic just as they may promote a change in government. This is something that many people cannot do elsewhere such as the situation that exists in the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong but which is now under China’s control.

Ever since the British settled in Australia, groups of people have talked about setting up a republic in this country but nothing seriously was done until towards the end of the last century when a referendum was held and which was decisively rejected by the people.  However, whilst talk still continues, particularly in the media, there is no intention on the part of the Australian parliament to consider such a move.

The argument "we want an Australian head of State" sounds trendy but is actually meaningless. The term ‘Head of State’ came into being long after our Australian Constitution was drafted and was used mainly by presidents of republics to describe themselves. However, in Australia, we have a different system from a republic as we are a Constitutional Monarchy, the main benefit of which is that the Monarch, through the Governor-General acts as a guardian of our Constitution keeping absolute power from the hands of politicians.