Flag Trivia

  1. The number of points on the stars of the Southern Cross on today's Australian flag differs from the original competition-winning design in that the stars varied between five and nine, reflecting the relative brightness of each in the night sky. The British Admiralty standardized the Southern Cross by giving the four biggest stars seven points and five for the faintest Epsilon Crucis. This change was made ostensibly to improve the ease of manufacture.
  2. Australia's national flag is one of only two in the world to feature a seven-pointed star. The other is that of Jordan.
  3. The Flags Act 1953 originally contained a serious drafting error in Table A. The outer diameter of the Commonwealth Star was recorded as being three-eighths of the width of the flag, instead of the true value of three-tenths of the width of the flag. This historical document is also of interest because it was personally signed by Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Australia in 1954. The act was amended to correct the error in 1954.